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Miss Givings !

Miss Givings
"Overall this is a genuinely warming piece of musical theatre..."

About the Show

"A year in the life of a martyred musical theatre wannabe, Anita Boult."

Anita's just moved back home. Not to Mom and Dad's, you understand, just out of New York and back to Peekskill - and it's not an admission of defeat; just a strategy for recharging batteries and planning a new assault on Broadway.

Observe, then, as Anita seeks to effect her return to the bright lights, grappling with hostile agents, indifferent casting directors, doubting parents, demanding boyfriends, and worst of all, high school rivals still somehow hogging the local limelight. 

Meantime, Anita will treat you to gems of known and lesser known songs from such American song writing legends as S. Barber & L. Bernstein. This show has "elements that remind us of Shirly Maclaine, Maureen Lipman and Barbara Streisand," as quoted by one viewer.


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What people are saying...

Paul Levy, Fringe Review

Overall this is a genuinely warming piece of musical theatre delivered with skill and panache by Bridge. It stays confident...

Amy Holtz, Broadway Baby

Miss Givings is every wide-eyed performer’s story – from the delight in exercising your talent, through the nerves and excitement of auditions...

Mike Rowbottom,

Henley Standard

Debbie Bridge doesn’t need to prove anything.  Her track record in opera and the West End are enough for anyone...

Audience Feedback

“Everything – singing & acting were outstanding.”

“Fun way to link the really accessible and contrasting songs a real showcase!”

“It held together extremely well. It highlighted both acting and singing talents and was very enjoyable. The piano playing was also very much enjoyed, script was witty and fitted perfectly”

“Very clear singing, range of vocals, costumes. Very enjoyable, good range of songs and great script.”

“Excellent singing of fantastic songs and great acting”

“Really well put together”

“First class performance.  Refreshing to hear such an outstanding voice!”


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